Dionondehowa Writings

We would like to acknowledge Healing Springs Journal, Planet Vermont Quarterly, and Healing Options for publishing my articles over the years, and for the service they provide to our region.

The Earth and Sky are Lovers written in 2011 and choreographed by Jacquie West Farbman for public performance at the Cambridge Farmers Market as an invitation to attend that summer's Sky Symposium at Dionondehowa where six speakers addressed six aspects of the disasterous geoengineering technique: Solar Radiation Management.

A-lon tells the story of a buck, beheaded for his rack and left in a ditch at the side of Stanton Road, and his ghostly search across the land to find and claim his head; more broadly it speaks of theft of Beauty and Dignity and Wholeness..

In Love with The Land published in 1999 tells the now (2019) almost 30-year love affair with this place along the Battenkill in Jackson, Washington County, New York State, USA, Western Hemisphere, Planet Earth, Solar System and on it goes into the deep dark of the Universe.

Right Livelihood: Reflections on Community and Capitalism published in 2000 explores the chasm between "following your bliss" and the capitalist modality.

Beethoven and Bodhrans published in 1999 tells the story of the loving partnership of a violin-maker and dreamtime drummer, living in harmony at the extremes of the sound spectrum, which we might better call the audioum.

Thresholds: Shamanic Perception and Technique published in 2003 intends to be an enticing introduction to the workshop series by the same name.

Dionondehowa Wildlife Sanctuary and School in 2004 intends to describe the basics of the forever-wild land trust and invite community interest..

Healing PCBs, Healing Ourselves published in 2005 offers a unique perspective on the healing process of chemically-caused illness, by treating the cause of the disease, itself. In this case Polychlorinated Biphenyls.

Chiaroscuro: In Defense of Darkness published in 2001 visits the power of language to condemn the womb, the sweat lodge, the healing caves, and the dreamtime by way of our fear of darkness.


Suka's Essay Suka Kenai Sloan Moon wrote this response to my 2018 inquiry whether she was feeling upheaval from the Earth and Sky as I (and others) have been. She lives in Alaska. And she's the artist who drew our resonant symbol "Dionondehowa's Daughter". BH

In These Matters Must Be Spoken which is subtitled for Bonnie Hoag after the death of her partner, Geoffrey Ovington, Ann Shapiro's poem reflects her understanding how we continue when under siege and without our beloved.

Bobby Pinkham's poem Ondawa is a love poem - both acrid and sweet - to the Sanctuary, the River, and the distant Mount Equinox.

Coyotes in The Modern America and Their Relationships with the People that Live There is Tristan Thomas's research paper which completes his 2018 Dionondehowa Internship. You'll find a photo and article about Tristan in our 2019 Newsletter.

Pamela Landi's Reflections on the Creek Restoration Workday 2018 pays tribute to David Hunt's thorough and mindful approach to Creek Restoration by way of her own thoughtful attention to detail.

Delight! Suka Kenai Sloan Moon, reporting from Alaska, dishes up a lifetime of seeking and finding delight.

Sherry's Delight List goes one-beyond her top ten, including some delights shared-by-us-all and... some, more personal, held close to her heart alone.