Plants & Plant Habitat

The marshy wetlands, creek bogs & banks, rocky ledges, acid meadows, rich bottomland, field hedges and woodland floors offer diverse habitat for countless species of plants, a pharmacopoeia of roots and leaves, flowers and bark, the mainstays of traditional medicine, once providing teas and tinctures, soothing oils and nourishment. The following lists just a few of the plants who flourish on Dionondehowa Sanctuary. Some are native, some introduced and some have migrated here.
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Joe Pyeweed  NY Fern Arrowroot St. Joan's wort
Goldenrod Maiden Hair Fern Mouse Ear Shepherd's Purse
Yellow Dock Hawthorn Herb Robert Jimson Weed
Knot Weed Colt's foot Motherwort Mullein
Bedstraw Raspberry Vervain Nettles
Plantain Male Fern Burdock Fleabane
Sweet Grass Red Clover Heal-all Juniper
Hepatica Moneywort Milkweed Wild Lettuce
Boneset Mints Ground Ivy Chick Weed